Tee Shooter




  • Safe and easy to use

  • Entertainment for all ages

  • Great for memorable events

After years of helping companies and individuals make great events and memories with promotional items, custom printing, and embroidery, Promo Prints & Stitches 2 has a new mode of entertainment.   Rent an air cannon and have a BLAST at your event or party!  

With the Breeze 150, you can launch items anywhere from 10 to 150 feet.  This cannon shoots T-shirts, rally towels, caps, stress balls, plush toys, confetti, candy, hot dogs, coupons, or even cash. 

If it fits, it flies!  

With an air cannon, there are SO many possibilities for fun!

  • Parade - candy or stuffed toys for the kids
  • Party - ball caps for attendees
  • Corporate training event - soft stress balls (with your logo imprinted on them)
  • Sporting event - custom printed T-shirts
  • Concert - coupons for free CDs
  • Family reunion - rally towels (printed with the family name)
  • Wedding - confetti and streamers​ 

Frequently Asked Questions!

The Breeze 150 will shoot all sorts of items. Contact us today to discuss custom items to shoot at your event.

Can I use my own shirts and other ammo, or do I need to purchase ammo from Promo Prints & Stitches?

You don't need to purchase your Ammo from us. Any type or size of t-shirt will work - the shirts simply need to be rolled up and have a rubberband placed around them to hold the roll. In additional all the other ammo possibilities (like stress balls, rally towels, stuffed animals, sports balls etc.) have all been tested and approved for launch. Give Promo Prints a try for all your Ammo needs. Chances are we can provide it to you for cheaper then you're currently paying and you'll have peace of mind to know that it will work with your Air Cannon.

What is an Air Cannon?

Air Cannons are a unique and crowd-entertaining way to market your team or company. These custom crafted tools are used to launch t-shirts or other promotional items to fans, spectators, and employees. Air Cannons are for anyone who wants a fun, novel, and very effective way to promote their company or team.

Are Air Cannons safe to operate?

The manufacturer of the Breeze 150 didn’t cut corners when it comes to safety. You won’t find a plastic, pvc, or lexan barrel on our air cannon. Instead, you'll find a barrel made out of 6061 air craft quality aluminum or steel. We have multiple safety features which provide for operator and spectator safety. However, it is important to realize that Air Cannons can be dangerous. They launch a projectile (albeit a soft t-shirt) which can cause injury. We always recommend adult supervision and adherence to the operation instructions.

How do Air Cannons work?

​The concept of how an Air Cannon operates is similar to a paintball gun. There is a series of valves and regulators that allow for the gas source (the CO2 in the tank) to be regulated. You then control the pressure which in turn will determine the distance that the Air Cannon will launch the t-shirt (or any other item). When a t-shirt is loaded in the barrel and you’re ready to launch it out you press the trigger which releases the regulated CO2 gas in the reservoir out through the barrel which in turn propels the t-shirt.

​How far will an Air Cannon launch a t-shirt?

The Breeze 150 will launch from 10 – 150 feet.

What else can Air Cannons launch besides t-shirts?
Besides t-shirts, Air Cannons are used to launch hot dogs, rally towels, stuffed animals, mini-footballs and basketballs, nerf balls, stress balls, baseball caps, candy, coupons, etc. If you can fit it into the barrel then you can launch it out. Obviously Air Cannons are not to be used to launch anything that is hard or which might cause injury. Because compressed t-shirts are too stiff and compact they are not recommended for use with Air Cannons.

Are Air Cannons adjustable/​Can I used them indoors?

Yes, because you are able to adjust the distance that the t-shirt will go. You will need to be cautious about your aim and some practice ahead of the event may be wise.